Medway Occurence

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During my Medway Photography fellowship (University for the Creative Arts, Rochester) I was interested in exploring the role of women during World War I in this area of Kent known as ‘Medway’. My research in the local Medway archive led to the encounter with an unresolved murder case of a young women in Gillingham in 1916, which in the war context was not further investigated. The resulting visual narrative was inspired by the mysterious circumstances around her disappearance and the lack of female representation in the newspapers, which mostly focused on reporting about the ‘heroism’of male soldiers. Influenced by the popular contemporary genre of ‘spirit’ photography, my images ‘evidence’ significant moments inspired by missing moments around Emily’s life and draw attention to women’s generally overlooked contribution during World War I, during which many women and young girls from the age of fourteen were working in factories supporting the war effort.